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Ecstatic Dance - 

October 2nd from 6:30-8:30 pm and will be every first Thursday of the month!



Andrea Bowes / Facilitator

"I've been dancing since I was a little girl, but it wasn't until I lived in Boulder Colorado and joined a dance community there in 2006, that I actually begin to let go and understand the concept of moving out of my mind and into my body. I attended Naropa University, a buddhist school, where I studied dance and psychology and I became a Nia instructor. This is where I learned to really integrate healing into dance, that the beauty does not lie in the form, but in the courage and release that comes when we pursue the journey of moving through our fears. This is my meditation. It is my intention, to create a space in which I can continue to nurture myself in this way, and for others to join me."Andrea



What an Ecstatic Wave looks like: Show up in comfortable and moveable clothing. Make sure to bring water and turn off your cell phone ringer. Every wave begins with a warm up, this is a time to move slowly and begin to get in your body. There will be an opening and closing circle, where we can set an intention, share where we are at and what the experience has been for us. It is a time to create safety within the group, a time to share your experience (if you like, it is not a requirement). For 2 hours, we move to a playlist that I have created that will rise and fall like a wave. If you are familiar with Gabrielle Roth and the 5 rhythms, the wave goes like this: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness. During this time, we do not talk.

We can engage with others through dance, but there are no words necessary. I like to support with strength, that this experience is not about dancing well or looking beautiful as you dance, but working through the noise in ones mind and getting into the silence of ones body. Dancing without a thought as to what your next move will be, allowing the body to move as it chooses, up, down and out through emotions, memories, and experiences that might be stuck or trapped, releasing them. This process takes time and courage, but personally I have found it to be the most enjoyable therapeutic tool in life. And to be amongst others there, building courage together and combining our energies in a space of dance is simply beautiful. I'm so happy to have this opportunity, to dance with you at House of Gaia.


This experience will begin on October 2nd from 630-830 pm and will be every first Thursday of the month at this time, for the Fall/Winter season. The cost is $15 at the door, to secure our space and support all efforts at House of Gaia. Please find a list below, the agreements and guidelines for this experience, which are very important to read:

While there is a facilitator at each dance, we are each responsible for creating and energizing the spirit of the dance.

No Shoes: Dance in bare feet, socks, or your dance shoes. Please no street shoes.


Well-being and Safety: We love to dance freely, and we need to be safe too. By taking part in the dance you acknowledge responsibility for your own safety. Be aware of your surroundings and your impact on others. Dance into the empty spaces. Drink water! If you are particularly sensitive to loud sounds, please bring earplugs for yourself or your children.


Sounds and Talking: Once the music begins it's a non-speaking time. If conversation is necessary, please move outside the space. Feel free to make sound, but respect the silence as the dance waves open and close. Please be mindful to turn OFF your cell phone before entering the dance space.

Participation: All who enter agree to participate. The opening and closing circles are important to the cohesion of the group. Please arrive on time and stay until the end whenever possible. If you choose to witness, learn to take in the whole room and everyone in it without staring or judging. As a witness you are not just a passive observer, but a part of the dance experience.


Boundaries and Dancing with Others: You have the right and responsibility to maintain your own boundaries. Ask non-verbally for permission to dance with, or touch, someone else. Please honor their boundaries and be willing to getting a "no" or no response at all. If you choose to dance with someone, how long you remain in the dance is up to you. Please move on when you know you are ready. When you dance together, you dance in a community. Your personal dance exploration is the essence of this practice. We ask for your sensitivity to how your expressiveness impacts others. Please be aware of the dance we do between authenticity and community culture. The expressive nature of our practice naturally means that we encounter each other's energy along the way. We encourage feedback between dancers, whether incidents are supportive or confusing. Facilitators are available to help.


NOTE: Photography or videotaping during a dance wave is strictly prohibited!

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