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Ignite...SWFL's SPARK

Saturday August 1st -Community Call For Action  
Food and Supply Collect
ion Drive and Stay-in-Car

10:30am to 12:00pm

Saturday November 7th,2020

Naples Safe CAR PARADE

10:30am to 12:00pm









House of Gaia, a 501c3 nonprofit, has been serving the SWFL community's needs 
for over 10 years.

Our programs and community "call for action" 

supports our mission of promoting:

social justice, social inclusion and social responsibility.

Now after weeks of quarantine, we are ready for another community call for action in SWFL.

During these challenging times, we are calling on our SWFL community to unite in meaningful “actions of kindness” to help and support institutions that provide critical services to those most vulnerable:


1. Help fundraise for House of Gaia, our safe center for our Special Needs community.

2. Make donations of food and essential products for individuals and families

in need through two amazing local nonprofits: 

Saint Mathew's House 

Guadalupe Center Immokalee

Let's raise awareness of the needs of our local community! 

Please post in social media and register NOW

for this important initiative!

1.Saturday, August 1st, 2020 Food drop off at 10:30am to 12:30pm


2. Saturday, November 7th, 2020 Safe Car Parade at 10:30am to 12:30pm
Your participation and promotion of the event is crucial for our community’s success!


Let's rise above this moment of despair and create

the opportunity for all of us...

children, families, individuals of all ages, schools, clubs, 

faith - based communities... 


local businesses and other nonprofits to give back and come together in SOLIDARITY.



We can all participate! Give as much as

you want or can!


The “SPARK” initiative can be a positive role model for other communities around the globe!


All of us are interconnected! If you want to bring SPARK to your community contact us


And we all have a bigger purpose!

Miniature people : family and children w


Register by July 25th, 2020

The sooner the better, so we can track volume and work with logistics.


Help us to multiply the ACTION by posting,

promoting, texting and giving a big shout out to mobilize our community participants.

Be Inspired! Decorate your car! Be creative! 

Take pictures and videos; if you have children or teens get them involved. Promote kindness, peace, hope and gratitude! Post and tag us!

Meet our organizers outside House of Gaia at 1660 Trade Center Way.  

November 7th, 2020 10:30am

We will then start our event by driving together to Saint Mathew’s House, to raise awareness. 

   Suplie's Priority List 






Bar Soap

Tooth Brush

Tooth paste



Face masks/coverings​

Note: Nonprofits are in need of large amount of supplies,

you can give as much or as little as you can.

Please select what you'd like to donate from this list.

Everything needs to be valid, sealed and packaged.

At this time we need to focus on these items, easier to sort and distribute.

You need to register first.

Sacks Of Healthy Legumes And Grains Conc
Sanitizing Products


By registering for this community service event, it is agreed:

-I understand this is not a political event.

-I will use only positive signs, decoration and have positive attitude.

-I will respect diversity, different backgrounds and faith.

-I will ensure everyone in the car is using seat belts.

-I will respect traffic rules.

-I will remain in my car and respect social distance.

-I will observe common sense guidelines for safety and health.

Little toy car with colorful ballons and


Be kind and generous at all times.

Be compassionate about the suffering in the world.

Be expressive of your positive feelings.

Be engaged with positive actions to help our


Remember we are not alone in this… we are stronger together!

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