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Fresh Vision for special Education









These programs enable an opportunity for these individuals to successfully mature with enthusiasm and dignity. In order to build a satisfying and successful lifestyle, our vocational program is dedicated to establishing careers for autistic individuals where they can thrive and aspire to success. We also recognize that a truly fulfilling life is a dynamic balance between career, culture and community.

Our program provides a variety of activities where individuals can socialize and develop their interests and hobbies. We are dedicated to guiding these young adolescents to achieve independence in their aspirations and interests, and well as involvement in their community.

Director: Edie Lanosa Pagoni is the Executive Director of Kneads®, a Fresh Vision for Special Education. She established this nonprofit organization to help mentor students with autism through social, creative and vocational opportunities.

Edie is a Certified Autism Specialist with completed studies from Edison State College and Southern Connecticut State University. Edie has been helping families with developmental disabilities since 1995.

As founder of The Connecticut Early Intervention Project, she helped to launch early intervention programs for many young students with autism throughout the state of Connecticut under the guidance of Douglas Developmental Center and Rutgers University Outreach Programs.

Many families have had the opportunity to work with Edie’s tremendous energy, passion and desire to help. Inspired by her son Billy, Edie has served on many committees and boards to advocate for the rights of those afflicted with autism, including Eden Florida and its Human Rights commission.

Kneads® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing far-reaching and compelling programs that build a bridge for adolescents and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities.                                                         

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