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Cherly Bernardi


Cheryl was formerly co-director of Aum Yoga Naples, with DamaDe Foege and Simona Alladio, who are no longer able to continue at Aum. We are closing Aum's doors on July 30th. There will be a break in August, resuming on September 8th at The House of Gaia. Cheryl will incorporate the Prenatal yoga classes and birthing workshops into her schedule at LifeBehold, supporting her work with pregnant and postnatal  women as Doula, Massage Therapist and Lactation Counselor CLC.


 Services at House of Gaia:

1. Preantal Yoga - Mondays 6:00pm
2. Hata Yoga - Mondays 7:15pm
3. Movement & Breath for Labor: Workshop - Last Friday of each month Friday 6-7:30 pm /call to reserve space


 Prenatal Yoga

 Mondays at 6:00 pm!

The class takes into account physiological, energetic & emotional considerations during pregnancy, labor & delivery.

Gentle work of Hatha yoga techniques and life enhancing breathwork. - Rhythmical movements for pelvis - Posture, breath work, vocal toning, relaxation,meditation, visualization - Restorative poses that will help relieve common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. - Quiet time for prenatal bonding.

BENEFITS - Develop confidence in your body for birth. - Practice ways to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy. ​- Practice healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety. - Make supportive connections with others


BENEFICIAL ASPECTS OF A PRENATAL YOGA ​In Prenatal Yoga class, we focus on TONING PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES.  These “hammock muscles” become the “birthing muscles” by increasing their elasticity for birthing.  We learn to recognize, isolate, and activate the muscles to use effectively during birth.   We also make use of BREATH and specific postures to control the pelvic floor muscles, and to increase the effect of uterine contractions while keeping the rest of the body relaxed.  YOGA PRACTICE HELPS THE WOMAN BE


ABLE TO RELEASE FEAR AND TENSION AS THE BABY IS BEING BORN. Instead of relying on willpower to feel in control during pregnancy and birth, yoga can be used to help the woman to listen to her body and respond calmly.  RELAXATION with deep breathing is an effective way to soothe discomforts or disturbing emotions early, before they require further intervention.  Greater awareness of breathing rhythms can be nurturing, creating a sense of well-being and contentment that extends through the woman to the baby, the partner and the family. In this class, we learn to adapt poses in pregnancy, using STRONG LEG POSITIONS to promote overall strength and stability.  We include MOVEMENT to avoid tension and strain and to create greater ease, enjoyment, and a feeling of lightness.  Some modifications include keeping knees slightly bent to ensure good spinal alignment while standing, keeping feet slightly apart in Tadasana, avoiding strong abdominal twists, avoiding holding the breath, and avoiding holding poses too long as it may strain the tissues.


Hatha Yoga 
techniques and life enhancing breathwork
Mondays - 7:15pm



Movement & Breath for Labor: Workshop

learn exactly what to do during labor!

Friday, Sep 26thfrom 6-7:30 pm. 

Instructor:  Cheryl Bernardi, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist Price: Early Bird Discount: $25 when paid by August 20th! $30 thereafter. Location: The House of Gaia, 1660 Trade Center Way, Naples, 34109 ​​​One of the most important experiences in a woman’s life… is the birth of your baby!You will want to be well prepared for this big event! We can show you how to reach "The Zone" during labor. This workshop involves active movements. It will prepare you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for birth. You will practice tuning into your own personal rhythms for labor and birth, to increase comfort, as well as stamina!  We will practice: -specific physical movements and positions to help increase dilation -aiding baby’s descent into the birth canal -understanding contractions and effective exercises for pain management -breathing exercises, visualizations and guided meditations to create an atmosphere of serenity and calmness during labor... THE key to a successful, and joyous birthing experience! -how to regulate the tension optimally for "the Push!" phase and delivery.

Registration is required in advance for this workshop!  You may attend one or more times. Sign up soon to reserve your space!   Suitable for women from 30 weeks of pregnancy up until actual birth date. ​ For more information, please contact Cheryl directly at
​Or go to our "contact" page on this website and fill out the form to connect with Cheryl that way.


Testimonial: "Excellent workshop for mothers to be! During the class I learned different kind of pain managing yoga poses and breathing techniques. In my labor I stayed very active which helped speed up the process and stay focused with my contractions.  My delivery was really fast, it took me just 4 “pushes” and my baby was born. I really enjoyed Cheryl's teaching style; she is great instructor whose years of experience is quite evident!"  O.K., Naples


Testimonial:: "I highly recommend the Movement and Breath for Labor class for any pregnant women no matter what type of birth she is planning on having. I am on my third pregnancy and wanted to practice breathing techniques and labor positions in a relaxed setting to get in the right mindset before actually giving birth in a few weeks. Even though my last birth was less than two years ago, the more prepared and confident you are going into labor the better the outcome no matter what type of birth. The one thing I felt I could have practiced more last birth was my breathing. I walked away from the class with much more knowledge than I initially thought I would get and I definitely feel ready to give birth. The class discussed all phases of labor and the different things we could do to help the baby along and deal with the discomfort. Feeling confident is very important if you are planning to give birth without an epidural or other pain medications. Cheryl is a great teacher and definitely knows about the woman's body." - J, Naples






Single Sessions (Drop-In)        $18

3 Class Pass                             $45

​6 Class Pass                             $84           

These Class passes are valid for 3 months.


For people who want to train regularly:

6 Class Pass valid for 8 weeks  $72


Call or email Cheryl to book your sessions now!       239.248.7931







Life Behold

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