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 Experience our world!

Our Mission

Our nonprofit's mission is to make a difference by fostering social-inclusion, meaningful connections & unique learning experiences among SWFL individuals and families with the goal of creating a thriving and successful community


Our Vision

We believe in a future where people of all ages, abilities, races, and beliefs can exercise their strength together and contribute towards a happier, healthier, more peaceful & conscientious life.


Our Connections
We have developed many connections with different SWFL institutions: Golisano Children’s Hospital, Saint Mathews House, Guadalupe Center, Salvation Army, Florida Gulf Coast University, Collier County School, CMON Golisano children's Museum, Starability, Esterseals and others, through these 16 years of service, and we value our large data base of participants and volunteers.


Our Team of Professionals

We are a team of professionals with a variety of backgrounds in social work, education, psychology, arts and more. Having studied and practiced all over the United States and the world, we have come together to develop programs of education for the SWFL community. Together we represent many years of experience working with children, families, educators, and organizations in field of education and development.


Our Experiences

 We offer a variety of Classes, Workshops and Events.

The 5 pillars of our programs are Art, Culture, Well-Being, Global-Citizenship & Service-Learning Programs.


Our Approach
Our programs are offered in our center (House of Gaia Community Learning Center) and through local schools, museums, parks, community events. Note: The Center is closed, the building was sold. TBA 
Because we also have outstanding connections with schools, nonprofits, and educational institutional all around the world, our curriculum offers participants from SWFL a global perspective and opportunities to serve abroad.

Our Guidelines

1.Engage the families, individuals and educators of our community in the process of providing a safe and creative space & programs of education, where they may channel and develop their personal skills at their own pace.
2.Balance and enrich the knowledge children and individuals through the arts, culture, well-being, global citizanship, service learning & travel.

3.Help children, families and individuals with all abilities to express themselves, feel included and valued in a safe way.

The individuals attending BeeGaia programs will be aware of our guidelines in order to help them feel they are part of a mindful and conscientious community. READ MORE



Our Added Value

We have developed a unique approach utilizing a comprehensive curriculum combining methods of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and the Science of Happiness. 

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