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Hosted by Southwest Florida kids, for kids, WGCU’s critically acclaimed Curious Kids TV show explores creativity in its newest episodeCuriously Creative. In the newest episode, kids learn that creativity comes in many forms. From an improvisational acting game to the creative ideas that inspire a Busy Bee dance, Curiously Creative inspires young viewers to think, act and move creatively. The 30-minute show features a local author, Reno Williams, who has written and published his own book. The episode also features the creative photography of naturalist Don Parsons, who presents the world of insects in a diversely creative and colorful way. The Curious Kids hosts also visit Naples’ House of Gaia where they explore dance moves using exotic fabrics, don masks to play tribal percussion instruments and paint a community canvas for the children of Haiti. The featured country for this episode of Curious Kids is Haiti. Curious Kids is a production of WGCU Public Media and is written and produced by Curious Kids Ambassador and International Children’s Entertainer, Rosie Emery.

Who’s a Natural Awakenings Reader


Meet Lulu Carter-2014


Life’s mission: To educate and connect people from all over the world through programs that lead to world peace.

Work: As the owner of Destination Partners, a specialty travel company, for the past 20 years I have been organizing, creating and developing educational programs abroad for institutions of higher education such as New York University, the University of Virginia and others. As the founder of the nonprofit Bee Gaia, which has more than 500 members in Naples, I am involved in projects in the Amazon, Haiti, Ghana and Bhutan. Learn more at 

Meet Lulu - 2023

What I am doing to be the change I want to see in my community and in the world:  Empowered Woman, Empowering Women. I became a chief happiness officer and am committed to making the world a better place by applying the science of happiness in my life and others. I wrote a book The Shero Mindset. The SHEro Mindset speaks to the pain and challenges of life and shows the power and strength of the human spirit. These inspirational stories are examples of the transformational arc of healing. These are real stories by women in the Southwest Florida community.

Natural Awakenings July , 2021

House of Gaia Opens the Positive Psychology Center (2023)

Individuals can discover their character strengths by taking a free personality survey at just as Lulu Carter, founder of Naples nonprofit Bee Gaia, known by locals as The House of Gaia, did. An expert on happiness who studied at the Happiness Studies Academy, co-founded by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier, No Matter What: Cultivating Hope, Resilience, and Purpose in Hard Times, Carter has observed how character strengths play a significant role in the pursuit of happiness and peace of mind. The peace that Carter refers to, uses an acronym: P-positive E-energy A-activate C-constant E-elevation. "We can create and share peace with one another by sharing our strengths,” she says. READ MORE...


Natural Awakenings April , 2021

The Science of Happiness is an Inside Job Make positive changes in 2021 with Lulu Carter

Carter is grateful for her relationship with the pioneering positive psychologist, whom she holds in high esteem. Endearingly referring to him as the “Science of Happiness expert”, she notes that she was a student at his academy during his first year of educational training. “His popular and well-attended classes at Harvard University were equally a phenomenal success, which is why I’m proud that he and his business partner at the Happiness Studies Academy asked me to develop international Happiness Beyond Borders retreats. The one I planned at the Naples Beach Club in 2020 was cancelled because of the pandemic,” she advises.



Natural Awakenings September , 2018

Drawdown Solutions in Collier and Lee County


A grassroots nonprofit founded by Carter, House of Gaia is a volunteer team effort focused on educational programs and projects based on community building and self-help principles. She says, “There is little distinction between volunteers and participants. Volunteers, who might start out as women seeking a safe space, support and connections, aren’t so much helping someone out as they are taking part in the exciting opportunity to help build global connections through community development. Over our nearly 10 years, we’ve welcomed hundreds of single mothers and their children, as well as families. We’ve lovingly interacted with them as they learned, flourished, evolved and gave back to Gaia.” READ MORE...

Natural Awakenings September , 2015

Southwest Florida Community Visionaries Tell their Tales

An only child, Lulu Carter, founder of House of Gaia, in Naples, felt the need for a community. “As I matured in my homeland of Brazil, I noted that communities formed by people gathering and communicating needs, sharing resources, planning social times and creating guidelines,” says Carter, whose learning center fosters a global perspective in order to promote a more peaceful, creative and conscientious world by educating, connecting and building community through art, culture, global citizenship and community service.

Natural Awakenings April , 2014
Yogi and Kirtan singer Missy Balsam and Yogi and Psychotherapist Jill Wheeler
will present a workshop exploring ancient and modern practices of meditation, voice and the mind from 6 to 8:15 p.m., May 8, 2014 at the House of Gaia, in Naples.READ MORE



Natural Awakenings Feb 14 , 2014

An Integrative ApproachA solution-oriented therapist, Kimberly Rodgers is collaborating on a research project with Florida Gulf Coast University’s Department of Social Work. Kimberly RodgersTogether, they are tracking client experiences with yoga.


Natural Awakenings January , 2014
Monarch Therapy Celebrates Anniversary with Holistic Get-Together
Monarch Therapy, LLC, is celebrating its second anniversary from 2:30 to 6 p.m., January 11, at House of Gaia community center, in Naples. Attendees can sample the center’s offerings, which are focused on well-being, de-stressing. READ MORE



Natural Awakenings
House of Gaia Connect and Cross-Pollinate Peace – SWFL • July 2012

Lulu Carter’s House of Gaia Promotes Global Harmony by Linda Sechrist: Lulu Carter had a very big vision when she created Bee Gaia, a nonprofit organization with the House of Gaia as its community and learning center. Committed to fostering a global perspective that promotes a more peaceful, creative and conscientious world, Carter has gathered together a group of equally committed, trained professionals to help with the center’s mission to educate and connect people of all races, cultures, religions, ages and physical abilities in order to build community through programs of art, culture, well-being, travel and community service. Carter, who has dedicated her life to making a difference, is more than happy to offer anyone else that is interested an opportunity to join her. READ MORE



Natural Awakenings
House of Gaia Will Connect to the World • October 2011
ulu Carter, who founded Outside the Box-Studio, is formally opening the House of Gaia (Greek for Mother Earth) this month at 1660 Trade Center Way, off Airport Road, in Naples. The nonprofit community learning center will provide, “…many opportunities for growth, engaging in community projects and service, sustainable programs for education and many more for art, culture and travel,” she says. “The name befits a multi-cultural, multi-generational center, as we’ll connect people of the community with others around the world.” READ MORE


Natural Awakenings May 2011 -
Forward-thinking, holistic-minded Southwest Florida parents are rediscovering and living by “back to the future” values. READ MORE


Natural Awakenings 10-10-10
A 12-Month Eco ExtravaganzaThe 10/10/10 Initiative Extends Far Beyond One Day

Ask any of the 10/10/10 Eco Extravaganza committee members for their feedback on the daylong October 10 event at the Mercato, in Naples, and you will hear the same comment: “It was beyond our wildest expectations!”




Natural Awakenings – May 2009
Adults, teens and children enjoy a plethora of opportunities to be creativein the colorful and playful space of Outside-the-Box Studio in Naples. “Our holistic teaching methods and multi-cultural hands-on programs in art and education intentionally address the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This helps to optimize everyone’s learning style regardless of their age or skill levels,” says LuLu Carter, founder of the multimedia art studio. “To ensure comprehensive and enriching programs, the staff also incorporates all aspects of language, science and math, movement, music, art and drama. READ MORE









Celebrating Diversity



David Acevedo

“How Diversity Makes Us Smarter.” That headline appeared above a 2014 Scientific American story that concluded—based upon copious amounts of research— when people work with or regularly engage with others of different backgrounds, they are “more creative, diligent and harder-working.” READ

Hodges University to Host Second Annual “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, Clarity and Commitment” Event

NAPLES, Fla. – January 22, 2018 – For the second year in a row, Hodges University will recognize six women who are making a difference in the local community at the “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, Clarity and Commitment” event on March 2. 

Naples, Fla. – September 16, 2015 – Hodges University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards. Recipients are recognized in two categories, professional and organization, as outstanding examples of embracing diversity and inclusion in the southwest Florida community. The three organizations and three professionals will be honored during the 8th Annual Diversity Festival on Saturday, October 3 at the Hodges University Naples campus. - READ 

Naples Daily News • Haiti

Naples Daily News • Oct 21, 2015
House of Gaia,a project of the nonprofit organization Bee Gaia’s mission is to foster a global perspective in order to promote a more peaceful, creative, and conscientious world. Bee Gaia’s programs achieve this mission by educating, connecting, and building community through Art, Culture, Well-being, Global-Citizenship, and Community Service. READ

Naples Daily News • April 1, 2013
Asia Fest 2013, Naples Asian Professionals Association, Inc.’s 9th annual festival, drew more than 5,200 people this year. Over $14,000 was raised to benefit education in Southwest Florida. READ

Naples Daily News • 2012
These two young visitors got a chance to do some art work at the House of Gaia Community Learning Center, a program of educational, cultural and personal development. Photo / Darryl A. Wells


Naples Daily News • June 1, 2011
by Marjorie Ziff-Levine.
House of Gaia, Naples’ newest non-profit organization, launched into action with a humble yet festive fundraiser for the forgotten children of Haiti. On May 21st “Rice and Beans for Haiti” was held at the Salvation Army in Naples, FL. This community event was a symbolic and modest dinner to raise funds to buy Rice and Beans for a Tent City in Haiti. READ MORE


Naples Daily News • April 9, 2011 Freedom Waters Foundation & Outside The Box- StudioPhoto by GORDON CAMPBELL Lulu Carter (R) takes a quick break from volunteering with the kids to pose with Debra Frankel and share a smile. Photo by Gordon Campbell/Special to the Daily News READ MORE


Naples Daily News • May , 2011
Eat rice and beans to help buy the same for Haiti earthquake victims NAPLES DAILY NEWS ARTICLE: Luisa Carter, a Naples resident and multicultural community leader, is the owner and founder of House of Gaia. She has made three trips to this orphanage in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in January 2010. READ MORE


Naples Daily News • May , 2011

Help those in need in Haiti by supporting the Rice and Beans for Haiti event this Saturday at the Salvation Army in Naples, a benefit to raise food and money for the community in need in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as well as for the New Life Children’s Home. READ MORE


Naples Daily News. Our World:Dancing into sunshine By LEXEY SWALL Posted March 28, 2010 at 2:06 p.m. “I want to encourage them and empower them to follow their dreams and to be joyful in their life,” Carter said. READ MORE...


Naples Daily News, August 12, 2009. Outside the Box Studio summer campers display the castle they built of cardboard and paint for a theater presentation for their parents. The multimedia art camp featured guest speakers and workshops. Fall programming will begin in two weeks for art classes during the school year. READ MORE


Climate Awareness Event in Naples gives the 411 on Importance of 350 • Naples Daily News October 24, 2009 Naples: Leading the Way to Sustainabilityorganizers hope that more attendees learned how they can make an impact and are encouraging community members to make small changes throughout this week to make a difference on the city’s carbon emissions.



Naples Daily News/Polaroids by Judy Lutz  2009Lulu Carter, educator, teaches children and adults diversity through fabrics, dance and a wide variety of methods at her studio in Naples called “Outside the Box.” Carter began her educational experience in Brazil where she taught art education to all ages. LuLu Carter, educator , works with a variety of fabrics from all over the world teaching children the value of movement through wind and cloth. READ MORE


Naples Daily News /Children at Outside the Box-Studio in North Naples are free to express themselves By TRACY X. MIGUEL(Contact) 3:55 p.m., Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Roberts put her own ingenuity to work by creating a documentary. Also, she is collaborating with her friend and fellow environmentalist, Ann Smith, in offering a “Being Green” class this month at theHappahatchee Center in Estero and at studio in Naples. October 8,2008.


Naples Daily News/Your News: Outside the Box Studio offers parent open house for art education projectSubmitted by Silvia Casabianca • 11:54 p.m., Monday, January 14, 2008 READ MORE


Florida Weekly
Find Peace, Love, Music in Bonita Springs
BY LAURA TICHY-SMITHSpecial to Florida Weekly- April 2014

“When we were trying to decide which nonprofit to pick, we knew we wanted something with children and music,” Ms. Adams says. They thought of Lulu Carter and the House of Gaia in Naples, where children learn about the arts. Ms. Adams said she particularly appreciated that Ms. Carter works to open House of Gaia centers to benefit children living in underprivileged countries.“And she does so much good work in our community and other communities,” Ms. Adams says about Ms. Carter. READ MORE...


Florida Weekly • Helping in Haiti.Teddy bears deliver immediate comfort; long-term help plannedBY EVAN WILLIAMS Feb 2010

Teddy bears deliver immediate comfort; long-term help planned.Known as “Lulu” to her students, Ms. Carter runs Outside The Box Studio, a holistic, eclectic arts school for children and adults. Born in Brazil, she helped poor children in slums there before moving to the United States, where she has been an educator for more than two decades. Through her second business, a travel company called Destination Partners, she plans to help set up the trips back to Haiti for high school and college students in the coming months and years. READ MORE...






Maria Luisa Carter–better known in the community as Lulu Carter–is one of those people who is out to make a difference in the world. And in Lulu’s case, she already has. She is the Commercial Director and Co-Founder of Destination Partners, a unique education-focused travel management company, and also the Director and Founder of Bee Gaia, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting global citizenship through programs of art, education, travel and well being. 

Neapolitan Family Magazine- Sep 2014
Community Puzzle




Neapolitan Family Magazine-

The great thing about the arts is that there is something for everyone. “Some kids are verbal and want to be in drama; some gravitate to music; others are introspective and gravitate to the fine arts or multimedia options,” says Lulu Carter, owner and director at Outside the Box Studio in Naples. READ MORE


House of Gaia hosts ‘Swing for the Stars’


  • APRIL 14, 2015 Wink News

FORT MYERS, Fla.- House of Gala is hosting “Swing for the Stars” Saturday at Vineyards Country Club in Naples. The 18 hole tournament begins at 8 a.m. and you can sponsor a hole for $125.

Lulu Carter is here today to tell us more about the organization and the event.READ MORE

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