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Special words from the heart....

"Lulu and her staff were wonderful to work with throughout the whole process as I planned my 3 and 5 year old sons' birthday party. They were able to tailor the activities based on the party theme and were extremely engaging with the children. The kids had such a great time!  I received many compliments from the parents afterwards and my 5year old son asked that we have his 6th birthday party at House of Gaia again. " Claudia Dal Lago


"Thank you so much Ms. Lulu for the absolutely magical summer camp! We are so very grateful for all the love and work you out in as a volunteer to our community in providing programs for our children! "Michelle


“A warm and heartfelt thank you to Alvina Mary Quatrano and Lulu Carter for providing an incredibly informative and healing Reflexology training workshop on Saturday”. Barbara Bolcavage

“A beautiful & friendly place full of love where wonderful, magical things happen!” Holly Durden Savidge

“Sacred space filled with love waiting to illuminate each visitor !” Leandra Harrison“THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!! Parker’s birthday party was FANTASTIC and everyone had a fun time! We are so very blessed to have you all in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!! Love…Annamaria and Parker! “Annamaria DeMarcoSeward

“House of Gaia is about community- both local community and global community. It’s about building and strengthening relationships- both to ourselves and to each other. I first met Lulu Carter and her Outside the Box programs through my own work with children with special needs, but then I began to appreciate the programs available for adults and realized the potential for my own growth in building relationships and community, in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance for all. We are blessed to have such an amazing organization in our community!”Charlene Westman

“Naples folks: I just wanted to post Viv’s thoughts on how much she has loved her experience at the House of Gaia camp this week in case any of you were thinking about signing your kiddos up with Lulu Carter this summer. Here’s what she said: “Mrs. Lulu is a very nice teacher. She lets you paint EVERYWHERE, even on the walls and tables and YOURSELF! Drama is my favorite, except when we painted with chocolate, which was my second favorite. Also, we made a book and we made pots out of clay. When I’m there with my friends I feel very happy and safe.” Thank you, Lulu Carter for giving her such wonderful memories, and thank you, Suzanne Meiners-Levy, for thinking of us when this opportunity came up. Much love to you both!” - Lyn Scharf Hunter

“I would like to share with all of you how much House of Gaia has made a difference in my life and in my son Noah’s life. House of Gaia feels like home. Lulu Carter fosters an awareness in all of loving connection and community and encourages creative expression in all of her offerings. In addition to holding my monthly kirtans there, I have also participated in incredibly enriching programs in yoga, meditation, music, and writing, and my son has blossomed learning art and yoga. Our community needs House of Gaia!” - Missy Balsam


“This week’s camp has been the most amazing week for my kids! Their joy, confidence and peace overflowed into every part of our lives. This camp was not just any camp, it was a one of a kind experience! They connected with the story of Miss LULU and how she became Queen Mother of Torgome in Ghana. Then they made art representing the story, they made pottery just as the children in Africa do. They learned about Africa and the culture. They even recreated the scene that miss LULU had in africa when she was named queen mother and set their own intentions for their village here at home in Naples. Drumming for Love and Peace was a big part of this ceremony too. The week ended in a fabulous play totally directed and executed by the kids and a beautiful handmade book about the village in Africa. The kids plan to have their book published to raise funds to help the kids with necessary medications for malaria. WOW!!! Amazing in an understatement! If you have not yet been a part of this experience, please join us next week for an adventure of a lifetime. My kids will never forget this amazing week and ALL of their wonderful accomplishments! Can’t wait what adventures await next week!” Love from Leanna & Alex/Isabel Cristina Backus

“House of Gaia is an amazing place, as soon as we make the turn on the street where house of Gaia is, my son Jacob knows were we are see his eyes lit up and his beautiful smile come along with it when we are approaching the parking lot is absolutely priceless. Lulu is an amazing shining star who with her creativity and love nurtures our kids minds and spirit. Words can’t describe how special is Lulu for me and my family and as parents and individuals we are very happy to know our kids and us have a place to be our own self and re-charge on positive energy. Thank you Ms.Lulu for your wonderful job and for the great House of Gaia.” Angie & Jacob Guzman

“House of Gaia es un lugar maravilloso lleno de energía positiva y de amor donde se puede expresar a través del arte sin temores ni miedos. Lulu ha ayudado a mis hijos (Micaela, Emma y Jorge Adrián) a ser auténticos y seguros y saber que estamos en este mundo para vivir en comunidad y ayudarnos entre todos. Gracias Lulu y gracias House of Gaia. “Con amor familia Villalobos

“I WANT TO EXPRESS HERE MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS AWESOME PLACE! I see House of Gaia as a place where when you there you feel that you are in another world, another planet maybe, they show us ( any age) that every relationship teaches us something about loving, trusting, forgiving, setting boundaries, taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other, Lulu, we appreciate your dedication and service, thank you for the botton of my heart for your commitment, the world should have more people like you, imagine how fun would be! You are the heart and soul of this team. you do such a great job my friend! keep it up! you are on the right track! God bless you for always being there to cheer and to guide! love you! ” - Sonia Correa

“Gaia is our home away from home. I am constantly inspired by the kids classes, not only for learning experiences for my children but also as an artist. We always have such amazing experiences in this beautiful loving environment. House of Gaia is the very definition of community.” - Lisa Ji

“Earth (Gaia) is Non Verbal, Intelligence, Attraction and Love! That is what Bee Gaia is about, only the language of love is experienced here, words are few, actions reverberate globally, the work is wholly intelligent and we are all being attracted to this way of Being!” Janet Weisberg


"House of Gaia has amazing, inspiring programs for children. What they offer is truly “outside the box” in terms of creativity and artistic expression. My son has enjoyed his classes at House of Gaia tremendously and as a parent I feel so good knowing he is being nurtured and cared for here. Lulu Carter is a gem and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I cannot recommend House of Gaia highly enough! " Missy Balsam

“House of Gaia has opened a world of art up for my children. Lulu has given us the opportunity to experience this in a loving, nurturing environment. House of Gaia is imbued with a sense of calm and creative force. My children have grown as individuals because of the time they spend there. Lulu is a blessing in our community, doing the kind of good works that can change a child’s world.” Melissa Kahn“

"My son so looks forward to coming to House of Gaia for art classes, Spanish classes and special events and parties and so do I…..I feel like it’s a place where moms, their children and the community can feel safe, loved and connected to one another and to the global communities that the House of Gaia mission reaches.” - Tania Melkonian

“House of Gaia is a portal of lovelight. The amount of joy, culture and creativity in the space surely penetrates your soul and fills you with love! Each class we attend uplifts our hearts and realigns us with community. House of Gaia is our growing family and we cherish it dearly. We fully support and encourage all to come and join in on the evolutionary fun!”Nikki Livaccari

“Words alone can not begin to describe the love, light and pure joy that is felt by all who enter into the House of Gaia. Our community is blessed to have such a place of peace for all ages.” Cheryl Lynn Patton“

"House of Gaia is a second home for us. My daughter and I we both love this place of Love and Peace. The amazingly positive energy we feel keeps us coming for more (and we receive it too). I got the wonderful opportunity to connect with so many beautiful soles through House of Gaia. To House of Gaia I can come and bring my child with a complete trust and Peace of mind. We Love Ms. Lulu she is a one of a kind Lady with a heart like an Ocean deep and clear full of Passion and Love for everyone. We enjoy the Drumming, Kirtans, Dancing, Parties, Arts, and all of activities. And I definitely recommend House of Gaia to all my friends and family, Thank you Lulu for creating such a beautiful place for us to connect, and feel AS ONE! Love and Light. ” Salma & Lila

“House of Gaia is a warm, nurturing environment where both kids and adults can thrive. It all stems from the warm welcome you always receive by founder Lulu Carter. Classes are interesting and stimulating. The community that is being built around it is just plain and simply, LOVE. Thank you for all you do.” Michele, Kaitlyn and Sami Corsarie

“When I think of house of Gaia I instantly sense the warm, nurturing environment it portrays to people of all ages and cultures. There is such an amazing sense of magical energy you feel when you enter and are greeted by such a warm, kindred soul as miss Lulu.She is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge and cultural experience. From children’s birthday parties to her classes, the creativity and uniqueness are inspiring to all. Our community is fortunate to have such a place. If you haven’t stopped in to check it out, you don’t know what you’re missing!” The Dickson Family

“Thank you for the beautiful evening last night!!! All the warm smiles, drumming, dancing, playing… I felt at HOME!! I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out where that is, and now I know… thank you Lulu !!! Now when I miss India, I know where to go.. ♥ ♥ ♥” Katie Schweighoefer


“Lulu is an inspirational leader, loving teacher and powerful communitarian. I personally admire her commitment to education and her vision to lift up our community through service, art, passion and most importantly, love. We are so blessed to have a world-traveled, multi-cultural influence for my children. I learn from lulu, my daughters learn from lulu and house of Gaia and our family and community is a better place for it! Additionally, Lulu has been a support of my business, willing to network and share our common ground. House of Gaia is the place for holistic and empowered learning for families in our community!” Jill Anagnos Wheeler

“I had lived in Naples for 2 years before my family came across the House of Gaia community Center. Until then we did not have many friends, or family in the area. That all changed the day we entered the doors to “HOUSE OF GAIA” for the very first time. Lulu’s parents were there and greeted us and showed us around the beautiful space. The kids were invited to join their “HAPPY HOUR” class while we looked around. We made many beautiful friendships that day and every day thereafter. We knew that moment that we had found am extraordinary place that has nourished us in so many ways, by the sense of family of all who gather there, but the sense of creativity and exploration that the art classes have offered my children, by the sense of community when we all gather for those in need, and by the wonderful legacy that this organization leaves honoring a healthy and happy lifestyle as well as global awareness for Peace and Solidarity. House of Gaia is one of a kind and my family is so grateful and blessed to be a part of this community center! ” Isabel Cristina

“House of Gaia is a warm, welcoming place to share experiences and discover new ways to improve your life and your community”. Cari Race Bessette

“House of Gaia is a wonderful place for children and adults. I love the positive interaction of the kids, babies, and families. The children are mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors and creativity of the environment. When I teach, I see the parents spending social time together and the children have a wonderful time learning, socializing and being kind to each other. Most of all they, just have a fantastic fun time with no stress. At the end of the day, at Gaia, the biggest reward comes when the children hug you and say how much they love you and the class and leave with big smiles. “ Carrie Robinson Dance



“LuLu Thank you So much for everything !! Tea’s Clown school birthday party was Fantastic .. Your light and love and the wonderful House of Gaia made her day one all of us will Treasure !!!” Evonn Peterson’

“Hi Lulu! I love House of Gaia….It help me find a place where I can express myself, and share what I learned over the years with students and young ones. House of Gaia allows me to do what I always dreamed – to teach art and mentor kids with me without special needs. It helped me to grow and become more confident and shine! Thank you, Lulu and House of Gaia! Thank you, God and the Holy Spirit for making everything possible! ” Biro Spring


“House of Gaia is a safe, nurturing, creative space. It is a great place to feel love, connection and inspiration. Miss Lulu welcomes you as family and loves you as her own. Our community is blessed to have such a wonderful space to heal, shine and express artistically.” Sarah Peterson


“I just wanted to thank you so much for your efforts and energy at Lucy’s birthday party! She had a ball, other kids had a ball and Teddy and I just loved seeing the kids enjoy the activities!” – Sarah


“This place is a haven for the inner child in all of us; it is so welcoming in its bright colors, beautiful quotes on posters everywhere, its incredible artwork, and its deep reverence for life. A place to dance, to play and to be! The staff serves to inform, educate, celebrate and hold sacred space in which workshops such as mine are honored and lovingly presented. Thank you, Luisa and bless you!” – Elaine Voci


“What a WONDERFUL place! Please “like” and share this page with everyone you can think of. I cannot express my gratitude to LuLu and Bee Gaia for the work being done here. If you haven’t visited their location, it’s a must! “ Jennifer Chadwick-Giese


“Capoeira Demo was AMAZING!!! AMAZING!! AMAZING!! Beautiful to see the kids engaging with each other and the music. The house was full of energy! Thank you for bringing this slice of culture into our lives!!!”" Isabel Cristina


“As always, you made everything so special and unforgettable not just for my birthday girl, but for everyone there. That is more than I imagined Katherine’s 1st birthday party to be: Everyone, young and young at heart, collaborating, exploring, interacting, interconnecting, and experiencing your magic at Outside-The-Box!Obrigada!” – Monica


“Thank you, Outisde the Box, for letting my children be free to think, explore, dance, create art, and be kids!” – Alison


“Thank YOU for helping make Isa’s party so special, everyone had a wonderful time. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of you over the next few months and hopefully, we can get the children into one of your classes. Thanks again.” - Erin


“Outside the Box is SUCH a special haven in Naples, FL. I don;t know any other place like this- around the world… you walk in and your inner child is set free! OtB is so full of colors and is a welcoming place to play, dance, and just BE! thank you for existing and for holding space for all of us to explore- from babies to the elderly! You are a Naples GEM!” –Melissa Plotkin


“It takes a village to raise a child. Thank you Outside the Box and LuLu for being part of our village! LuLu, you are changing lives”. – Jackie Chiafullo


“Butterfly Princess workshop at Outside the Box! Thank you for making this an experience to remember, Mady always has soooo much fun!!” - Kristen


“Sophie & Skye playing during one of our meetings. They loved coming along on “business”! We miss you. Outside the Box is awesome and unfortunately I can’t find anything like it anywhere else I go”. – Shellie Casey Hoffman


“We are honored to be a part of your family! It has been our pleasure to watch your studio flourish. You are an awesome nurturing part of this community”. - Vanessa

“Words can not express (but my tears did :))…how moved I was by the exhilirating creative empowering energy walking through the doors of the studio and meeting you, Lulu!!! I am so inspired by your vision and ability to live out your life purpose beyond comprehension!!! Looking forward to learning more!!!” - Kimberly Rodgers


“It was a great blessing to enroll our daughter in your studio. We got to know Tia Lulu and nowdays she is a real Aunt for our little one. Outside The Box was the place we chose to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd and 4th birthday–it was magical! We only have great things to say and to remember about your studio! God Bless you Tia Lulu and your studio full of joy!


We love OUTSIDE THE BOX STUDIO! We love you too!” – Claudia“What can be better than an event at Outside The Box Studios? Where fun happens to heal with love! ” – Jeanne Emirek


“Outside the box is a beautiful place full of good energy & happy people, I haven’t been there in a while , but every time I go I feel much better on the way out. Thank you Lulu. I love you, xoxo” - Karen Cameli


“The main reason I love Outside the Box Studio, is that it is a safe and fun environment for me to be creative, and have support to bring out more joy in myself and others…and to be ME! ” – Katie Schweighoefer“Lulu, you offer such a unique, fun, and safe environment. My family has shared many smiles and much laughter at your studio. We love you! ” - Vanessa

“Your studio is amazing. So bright and colorful and inviting. A great atmosphere for all ages to explore the kid inside.” - Robin Ewell“I love Outside the Box!!! It’s such a fun and creative environment, I can’t wait to bring my son there!” – Samantha Ewell

“Lulu – Thank you for posting this video! I have so many wonderful and special memories of Sam and I at Out Side the Box. It is a special place that we’ve gotten to share creative, fun and educational experiences. The energy in your space is indescribable if a person is open to it they can create memories to last a life time.” - Alicia Browner Kelley

“It was really nice to meet you yesterday at the studio! Loved your energy and the place is amazing – the kids loved it. Looking forward to more”. - Adriana Villalobos

“Robin Ewell Sam and I didn’t really say goodbye on Saturday. looking forward to doing more things. will you be having the ra african dancing again? Sam would love to bring her son to an event also. thanks for having this awesome space and sharing yourself with us!!!”

“The Gates Workshop was incredible. I left that day a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. The experience taught me to look inside myself for answers I’d been seeking for a long time. Being at Outside the Box Studio reminds me of priorities I often discard so easily. Maria Luisa Carter shows me precisely how to… live life with peace, love and joy and makes it seem effortless. I look forward to the workshop on July 17th, Let it Go, let it Be, Let it Shine….I plan to invite a few friends” Jenny

“A thousand thanks for you loving energy and generosity. Please send your.Haiti photos, video, etc or youtube link when you ahve time and I’ll show it to the club. Enjoy, and talk to you soon.” - Cynthia

“Great party thank you for making danielle’s party so memorable we all have a fabulous time :)” Fern

“Thank you very much for your lovely entertainment on Saturday. Thank you for the smiles and joy that you brought to Alex, William and all the children hearts and faces. We appreciate you coming to the party and giving them a lot of excitement and we all feel very fortunate to have met you in our life.Many wishes to you in your travels to Haiti, Singapore, etc. Thank you again, Kelly Robinson

“The studio felt so rich and alive tonight! Feels like good energy has been being stored up in there.” Nancy“Girl you know how to organize a party!! Thanks for the nice Brazilian Cultural party Friday night, Great music!!!! Great Food!!! Great fun!!! Thanks so much” Susan Swanson

“I just have to thank you for everything that you did at Antonio’s party..we had a blast afternoon !!!!Hope to see you soon, Lucy Gomez-Calero.

Thank you, Lulu,For providing such a magical private class at Thanksgiving for our visiting granddaughters (Sadie, Ella and Anna, ages 2 ½, 6 and 7). In the hour and half spent with you, they shed their initial shyness and timidity, allowed their spirits to roam free and engaged their senses through the myriad of surprises offered in your studio. Each capped their experience by creating a unique, hand-painted/decorated mask which they brought proudly back to our home. Bravo! Bill McCandless

“Lulu — Many thanks for helping my son be a real Superhero on his birthday! From the superhero exercises to playtime with action figures to building Superhero City, everything captured the kids’ imaginations for the entire afternoon. I’m so happy to have discovered Outside-The-Box Studios… what a special place!”Sally

“Thank you Lulu for all the wonderful ways Outside the Box contributed to our very successful day. Thank you Dianne for all the hours and hours of work and creativity you give to Naples. The week has successfully begun. Namaste!!! ” Ann


“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lovely party you provided for our son, Jarred, on Friday evening. We had a wonderful time and Jarred said all the kids really enjoyed themselves. The lights, lazer beams, fog and balls made it so much fun and your warm, relaxed, and creative personality helped make the party perfectly balanced and imaginative.” Giselle, John, Jarred and Darren Ford“

Just a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting the evening of Homeopathy at your magnificent studio. I appreciate YOU and all that you do- for this community.”love, Julia

“Our daughter loved your camp! She had a very good time. I just loved the projects she brought home; the life size ‘Jayce’ is so neat. She has already been doing other super creative projects. Keep me posted on future workshops.Thank you, thank you, Jessi”

“Thank you again for hosting the farewell party. All my friends loved it and were amazed by your place. I knew they will, your studio is just a very special and beautiful place!” Sophie


“I have to say that my girls are so happy when there with you. I can’t even say enough thank yous for letting Isabella, and Franchesca be part of your world each day. You are a wonderful person, with such a beautiful soul.”“When I met you, and entered your studio, I had this vibe that this is where my children should be. I know as soon as I meet someone that if it’s right or not, and you are right for my angels…You can’t believe how many places I have toured, and have decided where to send my children for the summer,Your the one……Thanks Theresa


“Walking into Outside the Box is like walking into a wonderland. This is far from being a cookie cutter operation “saysShellie Casey-Hoffman — Non Profit

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most beautiful shower I have ever experienced. I loved every minute of it. My friends and family have not stopped talking about it. What an amazing and fulfilling experience! I am so looking forward to spending more time at your studio and I can’t wait to see your new space.Thank you again for everything. I really felt so much love and sisterhood during the ceremonies. It was an experience I will hold in my heart forever. You are doing amazing work.” - Erin Rydzinski

“Thank you so much. The photo’s are wonderful and will make great reminder of what was a simply AWESOME party. All the kids had so much fun – they are still talking about it”. - Mom

“The Children’ Museum Guild wants to thank you so much for staging this event for us. It really helped to focus us on why we are undertaking all the hard work to build the museum when we see our children enjoying themselves the way that they did at this party. I also greatly appreciate that you chose activities that not only successfully catered to the wide range of ages of the children but that involved the parents as well. Without exception everyone who attended has told me that it was one of the most special days their family had enjoyed for a long time.We are deeply grateful to your and your team – you absolutely deserve the reputation that you ahve for staging the best children’s activities in town.”

“Evelyne: I loved the parachute.Takiyah: I liked painting my own mask.Bronson: I liked dancing with different hats.”— Field trip“Outside the Box truly lives up to its name. I have found it to be a wonderfully creative, fun and inspirational environment for my daughter. Lulu and her team make each experience special, unique and exciting for all. There is a true caring for each child’s personality and spirit, which shines through in each class. There is play and freedom of expression involved in each session coupled with an enormous capacity to learn and explore new ideas”. — Happy Mommy

“Thanks for meeting with us today. You and your mother are fantastic! I love the energy that you bring with you and the passion for your country. “- Lisa Juliano. Botanic Garden












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