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Dear Ms. Carter:


On behalf of Hodges University, it is my honor to announce and congratulate you as the chosen recipient of the “Hodges University Dr. Harold Russell Excellence in Diversity Award” for 2015.  This very


high honor is indicative of an individual who personifies the highest standards of service, leadership, and character. 


Ms. Carter you are in every respect a positive role model in the community, and your outreach work continues to contribute greatly to the people in our region.  Your diversity in business practices with


the House of Gaia and your commitment to the community makes you most worthy of highest recognition.


Through your wonderful organization, you are teaching our most precious asset, our children, and the future leaders of Southwest Florida, to work together in peace. Every class is about values and


collaboration with the goal of assisting the children in developing coping skills that they can draw from later in life.


With your special interest in providing services to children with different abilities and special needs, the House of Gaia has become a safe haven for many families in our communities.


What makes the House of Gaia so special and unique is that it is for parents too. The programs provided assist parents in developing essential skills such as positive parenting and non-violent




In order to have a strong and productive community, we must have strong and productive families; your work at the House of Gaia is servicing this need in Southwest Florida.


The House of Gaia is the physical manifestation of your ability to be at home in the world and of what love, kindness and generosity are capable of producing; this is demonstrated in the humanitarian


work that you do through the House of Gaia globally.


As our 2015 recipient, you will be joining the ranks of Leonardo Garcia our 2008 initial award winner, followed by Lee Pits of “Lee Pitts Live” in 2009, Dr. Shirley Chapman, Principal of Lee Charter Academy


in 2010, Marcus Goodman of the Lee county Housing Authority in 2011, Debra Frenkel of the Freedom Waters Foundation in 2012, Les Williams of Collier County Government in 2013 and Mary


McDonough from Dress for Success in 2014.


We look forward to having our President David Borofsky present the award to you at the Hodges University 8th Annual Diversity Festival on October 3, 2015 at our Naples Campus.




Best wishes and continued success,






Gail B. Williams, M.B.A., CDP

Chief Diversity Officer

Hodges University | 2655 Northbrooke Drive, Naples, FL 34119

(239) 513-1122 x 6135 | c. (239) 910-0778 | f. (239) 598-6253

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