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Have you ever asked yourself what really matters in life?

Have you ever asked yourself what really matters in life? BY LULU CARTER

Today we start a new blog and maybe even a new chapter in this exciting and blessed journey. Today I am going to share a gentle wake up call for you to realize what matters most in life! Think about it… at the end of the day what does your heart ache or break for? What do you live for? What will you remember most when your journey on this earth is reaching its last days?

I believe that the people we share love with are what REALLY matter most – our family, friends, community, relationships with our neighbors and everyone that touches our life.

I believe our physical health is dependent on how healthy our relationships and our connections are in our own life.Bee Gaia’s mission is to create a platform for developing healthy connections to people through art, well-being, community service and travel so we can learn to connect deeply to our world as well as our environment.In my observation of our modern society, we are creating new channels of separation through advanced technology.

Nothing can ever substitute a warm hug, making meaningful eye contact, a comforting word coming form the heart or just that physical connection that bonds us and helps us feel connected. I notice that children spend lots of time with computers, tablets and games but when asked to name their friends, they just do not remember their names.

Fewer people have time for true friendship because a relationship is something that needs to be nurtured over time and time is what we lack most of today. I believe we need to find time for what matters in life so that we can be happier, more fulfilled and experience deeper connections with those around us.I believe we can help each other find our destiny. I believe we are meant to bring joy into the world, one person at a time!Lulu Carter

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