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Learning Together!

Our brain needs different types of stimulus in order to absorb, process and acquire knowledge. Did you know that we each learn differently than one other? So what is education?

We learn to survive , to live and to become part of a system of patterns.We learn that life has a “Yes and “No”, that at times we can do things and that sometimes we can’t. In life and over time we train our brain how to think, how to understand what we consider to be reality and facts and even how to ignore dreams.

At our nonprofit, House of Gaia community learning center, we understand that we all learn in different ways. We know that some people are more visual than others. some are more kinesthetic.

Some people learn from touching things, some by listening. Part of our curriculum is to be able to offer whatever it takes to help our students learn. So our educational experiences are tailored or designed for each individual and their ability to absorb. Also we have a safe place to explore our creativity and passion for the arts. In fact we are a safe place to express ourselves without the fear of being ashamed or judged.

We can create an amazing life together when we can better express that which is within us. Art helps us to be authentic and truthful with ourselves. It allows us to explore the possibilities of “Yes” and to overcome the fear of mistakes.When we get into that zone of creating we actually relax our body and mind, our blood pressure regulates, our mind meditates in the process of creation.

This is such a healthy experience that we could all benefit from on a regular basis. One of the greatest joys in life is connecting with our imagination and allowing the muse of creativity to move us.However it is not about the “ego” nor is it a privilege for some people only. Art is available for everyone that is willing to explore and indulge in it. We can all be artists and we can all co-create. We can do it alone, with our community or with the universe. Art allows us to be free, dancing, painting, writing, exploring photography, etc. With art we begin to feel free and in this process we can work to improve our self-esteem and we can learn how to have courage to do more things in life outside the box!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Give yourself the opportunity to be artistic, give your brain the stimulation it’s asking for. Give yourself the guiltless pleasure that can only bring you joy! Have a happy art day!

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