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Why can’t we just relax and simply accept the FLOW of life?


“Life is a force, it expands and contracts; life is a force that makes us change all the time.” – Lulu Carter

Most of the time we get stuck in patterns that absorb us and do not allow us to grow. We hold on to what we know and follow our routine like if it were our saving grace. Our minds and bodies want to remain the same, frozen in time. We are more afraid of change than we are open to accept it, even though we know that changes can be positive.Sometimes we are even unhappy in our current situation but the simple fear of change doesn’t allow us to move on to something bigger, better or brighter. We resist the inevitable and we don’t even realize it.From the moment life begins, the process of transformations starts and only ends with death. But why do we forget about the constant need for growth and transformation in between those two stages? It is said that the ONLY thing we can truly count on in life is Change – so we do we constantly resist it and fight it on a daily basis?However nature is wiser than we are. And as time moves forward and life progresses, our change continues even without our permission. Babies become toddlers, children become teens, teens become parents, parents become grandparents. We change our roles, our homes, we change our path and our history. We are the change!Life is a terminal disease – we begin to die the day we are born. Our bodies become old, minds become weaker and the journey continues. Life is a cycle of constant and never-ending change.Nothing stops the clock. The the river always flows to sea and the birds always fly into horizon. Things will continue to change… always, because they are supposed to.So here is the question for today: Why not to embrace the change instead of resisting it so much?Why not to relax and simply accept the FLOW of life?Doing yoga or being a yogi is not just learning the poses; being a yogi is to be able to be flexible at all times. It’s the ability to accept the nature of things, the limitations of things and the expansion of life’s movement.The most important lesson here is to learn about your breathing…”life is breath”, and we can’t stop the changes, but we can certainly learn how to live better!Lulu Carter

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